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Post  Ellypse on Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:54 am

Total RP 2 version 1.023
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Hello everyone.

Total RP 2 version 1.023 is now available on It solves the issue with the chat frame and some other bugs.

Bonjour tout le monde.

Total RP 2 version 1.023 est disponible sur Cette version résout le problème avec la fenêtre chat et quelques autres bugs.

Change log (English):
Bug fixes :

  • Fixed a huge bug caused by a change in Blizzard's API causing the chat frame to go white.
  • Connected realm : hunter's pets and vanity pets are now displaying their tooltips correctly across connected realms (keeping in mind there is a bug since MoP that I haven't fixed yet with the vanity pet obtained after MoP)
  • Connected realm : since Total RP shows you the realm of the player in its tooltip, it will no longer shows name as Player-Realm, even for players from another realm. Let's have some nicer names and order in that tooltip !
  • Fixed a bug with the languages. It should now work PEFECTLY !
    Fixed an issue with the language system. Currently, if you use your racial language (Darnassian, dwarf...), Total RP users will see that message correctly, but players who do not use Total RP will see an incorrect message ([Darnassian][Darnassian]Fgdg dfgdfgd gdgf). Now if you speak darnassian, you will use your native language so it will show "[Darnassian]Something I say" for you and your people, and "[Darnassian]Ffsfs sfsdf fsd" for players from an other race, and if they happen to have Total RP and know that language, the translation request will be correctly sent to your TRP and they will get the correct translation as "[Traduction]Something I say"
    The changes brought by 1.021 messed around with the way messages were sent in the function TRP2_TransformMessage() in the file totalRP2_Language_Main.lua. The message were only sent untouched if the player is using his faction language (Orcish or common). So if the player is using a racial language (darnassian, etc.) the message was transformed by Total RP.
    While debugging this, I also optimized the code so there is less useless conditions. For example :
    if (TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) == GetDefaultLanguage("player")  and englishFaction == "Alliance") or (TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) == GetDefaultLanguage("player")  and englishFaction == "Horde") then
    This was used to determine if the player is using its default language for his faction. I've changed it to this :
    if TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) == GetDefaultLanguage("player") then
    As TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) return the currently selected language (it could be anything) and GetDefaultLanguage("player") returns the default language of the faction of the player, we want to set TRP2_DernierePhrase = "" (so we clear out translation requests) if the player uses his own faction's language, and leave it in any other circumstances.
    The variable msg used to store the message at the beginning and then store the transformed one now only store the untouched one. A new variable msgTransformed will receive the transformed message (duh!). I've moved the condition returning the untouched message if the language is the native one to the end. That way, we are not ending the function as early as before, and we are still storing the untouched message into TRP2_DernierePhrase so it can be used when we receive a translation request (except if we are using the faction's language, as seen above), only then, we return an untouched message using WoW's default language system if we are using our racial language or we return the transformed message if it is a custom language.
    Full code below :
    function TRP2_TransformMessage(msg,ID,Comp,bColor)
     local tosave = "";
     local LangueTab = TRP2_GetLangageInfo(ID);
     TRP2_DernierePhrasePerso = msg;
    -- Item link detection
     -- We do not translate message countaining links as it cause problems for now
     TRP2_DernierePhrasePerso = string.gsub(msg,"%~(.-)%~",function(item)
     return TRP2_MakeItemLink(item, TRP2_Joueur);
    TRP2_debug("Language currently select : "..TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))))
     TRP2_debug("Faction language : "..GetDefaultLanguage("player"))

     local stringTab = TRP2_DecoupePhrase(msg); -- Découpe le texte en un tableau de texte pour séparer le RP, le HRP et les emotes

     if #stringTab == 0 then
     stringTab[1] = msg;

     -- Added by Ellypse. We are separating the message sent (transformed) from the one stored (untouched)
     local msgTransformed = "";
    table.foreach(stringTab, function(texte)
     if not string.find(string.sub(stringTab[texte],1,1),"[%(%<%*]") then -- Si c'est pas un texte HRP ou emote
     tosave = tosave..stringTab[texte]; -- On sauvegarde la traduction française
     stringTab[texte] = TRP2_TraductionComprehension(ID,stringTab[texte],Comp,bColor);
     msgTransformed = msgTransformed..stringTab[texte];
     TRP2_DernierePhrase = tosave;
     TRP2_debug("Phrase orginale : "..TRP2_DernierePhrase);
     TRP2_debug("Phrase transformée : "..msgTransformed);

     --if not (string.find(TRP2_DIALBASETAB[TRP2_enRace],ID) or TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Langues",{})[ID]["bMother"]) then
     msgTransformed = "["..TRP2_GetWithDefaut(LangueTab,"Entete",ID).."] "..msgTransformed;
     TRP2_DernierePhrasePerso = "{o}["..TRP2_GetWithDefaut(LangueTab,"Entete",ID).."]{col} "..TRP2_DernierePhrasePerso;
    -- Modified by Ellypse in version 1.023
     -- Return the original message if native language
     if TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Langues",{})[ID]["bMother"] or string.find(msg,"|H") or string.find(TRP2_DIALBASETAB[TRP2_enRace],ID) or string.sub(msg,1,1) == "|" then

    -- TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) -> Currently selected language localized
     -- GetDefaultLanguage("player") -> Faction language (Orcish or common) localized
     if TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"SelectDial", select(1, GetDefaultLanguage("player"))) == GetDefaultLanguage("player") then
     TRP2_DernierePhrase = "";--Added by Lixxel. Clear out translation requests.
            TRP2_debug("Phrase envoyée : "..msg);
            return msg;--and just return the message. No translations!
     TRP2_debug("Phrase envoyée : "..msgTransformed);
     return msgTransformed;
  • When the system to handle customized interface was removed in 1.022, the way Total RP was displaying its elements was not correctly reverted back. It should now work correctly, so you can tell it your favorite frame to display those elements !
  • The tooltip should now stay more than 3 seconds. Because we all know you want to read those long descriptions Wink

Notes de version (Français):
Corrections de bugs :

  • Correction d'un gros bug causé par un changement dans l'API de Blizzard rendant la fenêtre de chat blanche et inutilisable.
  • Royaumes inter-connectés : les familiers de chasseur et les mascottes affichent maintenant correctement leurs infobulles. (Je n'ai toujours pas corrigé le bug apporté par MoP avec les mascottes, celles obtenues après MoP peuvent ne pas s'afficher chez les autres joueurs).
  • Royaumes inter-connectés : puisque Total RP indique le royaume du joueur dans l'infobulle, le royaume ne devrait maintenant plus apparaitre dans le nom du joueur (Joueur-Royaume). Du propre et de l'ordre Smile
  • Correction d'un bug avec les dialectes. Tout devrait fonctionner PARFAITEMENT maintenant Smile
  • Quand le système de gestion des interfaces personnalisées a été retiré dans la 1.022, les fonctions utilisées par Total RP pour afficher ses éléments n'ont pas été correctement rétablie. Cela devrait fonctionner correctement maintenant, vous pouvez indiquez à Total RP votre élément d'interface préféré pour ses éléments.
  • L'infobulle devrait maintenant rester plus de 3 secondes. Parce qu'on sait tous que vous voulez vraiment lire ces longues descriptions Wink

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