[FIXED] White text in "Other Informations"

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[FIXED] White text in "Other Informations" Empty [FIXED] White text in "Other Informations"

Post  thjen87 on Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:25 pm


I have recently experienced the "save button" bug. Very, very annoying. Anyway, I used the macro mentioned in here, and it worked.
Thanks for that, though it would be slightly cooler if the actual "save button" worked.

To the topic.. After using the save-macro, which as mentioned worked out well, the text in my "Other Informations" box turned white instead of the orange/yellow color it used to have. Why is that and how do I switch it back to the original orange/yellow textcolor?

Anyway, thanks for a great addon. It takes roleplaying to another level. Much appriciated.

Kind regards


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