[FIXED] 5.4.0 Auras bug

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[FIXED] 5.4.0 Auras bug Empty [FIXED] 5.4.0 Auras bug

Post  Klamy on Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:46 pm


First of all, I'm sorry for my english. I hope I can make my point here.

The aura creation right now it's broken, and it's making anybody that creates a new state to delete the whole savedvariables folder (as they dont know where are the corrupted data).

I found those corrupted data: it seems that the slider of the UI_CreationAura.xml, that determines the category is returning a float number, where it should return an integer. Somehow, if you save the aura created in that moment, the saved category id becomes a float, not an integer, and it's stored at savedvariables/totalrp2_auras.lua as the float number category.

So, when someone tries to see other players' aurae, it pops a lua error at line 291 of TotalRP2_Auras_Main.lua

This happens for any new aura created, and for any old aura edited after patch 5.4

It happened to me, in mac 10.6.8, but also happened on windows 7 & 8 to my friends.

Also, some friends are having serious fps problems on start, but they don't know how to explain the use case, so maybe it's not related to the addon (as I told them), and more related to the fact that there's more people connected these days.

I hope I made my point.

Have a nice day Wink


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