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Post  Ellypse on Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:29 am

Information about beta tests

Beta versions of next versions of Total RP 2 are available a few days before the official release. They contain the latest bug fixes and the new features. I'm testing this changes myself while coding them, but as changes can implies issues they need to be tested by more people than just me.

How can I get beta versions?
Beta versions are posted in the beta versions section on this forum. A link will point you to Curse to get it. If you are using the Curse Client, you can edit your settings to get beta versions of addons, so the Curse Client notify you of beta versions and download them for you.

Is it safe to use beta versions?
Ideally, newer versions contains less bugs than previous ones. But introducing changes or fixing something somewhere can create issues somewhere else. I'm testing every beta versions myself, but there might still be bugs in beta versions (hopefully, small ones). Beta versions shouldn't harm your files (creations, descriptions, etc.), but it might be a good idea to backup those files before installing a beta version (in fact, it is a great idea to backup your WTF files every now and then). If something you need is broken in a beta version, it is safe to delete the beta version and download an older version.

How to be a good beta tester?
Beta tests are meant for getting feedback from users, not just delivering the latest features in advance. If you are using a beta version of Total RP 2 and you encounter a bug, please post on the thread related to the beta version you are using in the beta versions section to report your issue (if you can include a screenshot it's even better).

I have the latest beta but Total RP 2 says I still have the older version.
Total RP 2 has a notification system to inform users when a newer version is available. For example, if you have version 1.025 and someone connects with a version marked as 1.026, Total RP 2 will warn you about that version and ask you to update your addon. As beta versions are meant for people wanting to try them, they shouldn't notify other users about their existence. To do so, they are flagged as the latest released version. Also, that way, you will be notified about the release of the final version if you are using a beta version. However, you won't be notified of new beta versions, so you might want to check the forum for new beta versions.

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