Error message on login - "line 316", "TRP2.1HELLO1018"

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Error message on login - "line 316", "TRP2.1HELLO1018" Empty Error message on login - "line 316", "TRP2.1HELLO1018"

Post  Lixxel on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:58 pm

Copying over the explanation of this error. Basically, it's not critical.

Message: ...\AddOns\totalRP2_Language\totalRP2_Language_Main.lua line 316:
attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
...\AddOns\totalRP2_Language\totalRP2_Language_Main.lua:316: SendChatMessage()
...face\AddOns\GHI\Libs\AceComm-3.0\ChatThrottleLib.lua:416: SendChatMessage()
totalRP2\totalRP2_Communication.lua:79: TRP2_SendContentToChannel()
...Ons\totalRP2_PlayerInfo\totalRP2_PlayerInfo_Main.lua:19: TRP2_SePresenterSurLeChan()
msg = "TRP2.1HELLO1018"
chatType = "CHANNEL"
TL;DR underlined.

What TRP2 is trying to do when the error shows up is tell all other TRP2 users, "Hey! I have arrived and my version of TRP2 is 1018!" when you first join the game or reload, by sending a message to "xtensiontooltip2". Rather, it goes like this: You join a channel (any, so general while changing zones is included). WoW comes back and says you successfully joined. TRP checks if the HELLO has been done yet, and if it hasn't and you are in "xtensiontooltip2" it sends the HELLO!

The part of the code where the error originates is where your TRP2 selected language is checked against the list of what languages you can actually speak in game. The reason that the error shows up is because at this time, your languages aren't initialized, and you don't have a "selected" language in TRP2, which then throws the same error that you get when you first try to speak without loading languages. (An oopsie on my part, yes, but not a problem when languages are loaded.) Both errors will be fixed next update.

The error, though, shouldn't affect the rest of your gameplay, and it should definitely not crash the game when switching instances. If you feel this is the case, I understand reverting to the old version, but I have fixed the error locally and future versions shouldn't have this problem. If anyone is interested, I'll share the fix.

Test for anyone reading: If you get this error, see if you get a message "So and so has learned Orcish/Common with 100/100 etc" when you hit the Dialect button again.


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