Current Info "Save" button not working

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Current Info "Save" button not working Empty Current Info "Save" button not working

Post  Lixxel on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:46 pm

It's a bug I've seen every once in a while in past versions and have on my list. If you would like, here is a rough workaround for the button not working for now. Make macros with the following scripts. When you go to edit your info, put the words you want in the text box as usual, but instead of hitting "Save", use the macro, then exit the page.

Macro for Current Info
/run local ActuTab=TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Actu",{});ActuTab["ActuTexte"]=TRP2_EmptyToNil(TRP2_FicheJoueurActuActuScrollEditBox:GetText());TRP2_SetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Actu",ActuTab);TRP2_IncreaseVernNum("Actu");TRP2_SetFicheActuConsulte(TRP2_Joueur);

Macro for Other Information
/run local ActuTab=TRP2_GetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Actu",{});ActuTab["ActuTexteHRP"]=TRP2_EmptyToNil(TRP2_FicheJoueurActuHRPScrollEditBox:GetText());TRP2_SetInfo(TRP2_Joueur,"Actu",ActuTab);TRP2_IncreaseVernNum("Actu");TRP2_SetFicheActuConsulte(TRP2_Joueur);


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