A small request

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A small request

Post  Kodyack on Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:09 am

Solution found that is easier than coding, just turning off unit frame in UI addon fixes incompatability, though doesn't look as nice.
I have, for a time, been enjoying this addon and all it has to offer. That is until I realized that, due to my steadfast refusal to not use the UI Addon Spartan UI, I have been missing out on the key handshake icon that lays between my characters frame and my focus. Thus I have not been able to easily access their trp2 information. It is only a minor annoyance to have to go into my trp2 and access the database, but its an annoyance non the less.
My inquiry is to whether it would be possible to allow a more free button that is not locked between unit frames. Something that I could move about as freely as the shortcut bar.

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Re: A small request

Post  Ellypse on Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:08 am


You can attach this icon to any UI frame. In the interface tab in the preference pane, you can put the name of the frame you want the icon attached to. You can get those names using /framestack. A tooltip will appear displaying the name of the frame (in a hierarchical order). It makes Total RP working great with other add-ons Smile For example, I use a healing add-on displaying my tooltip at my mouse, but Total RP is buggy with this and sometimes Total RP tooltip gets stuck in the middle of my add-on (making me swear on mumble Rolling Eyes ). I've change its anchor to the icon bar on the bottom right of the screen so I know it will always be there, and not over my friends' health bar ^^

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