NPC speech with Hunter's pet

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NPC speech with Hunter's pet

Post  zax on Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:08 pm

Hello and thank you so much to make TRP2 live! Smile

I made a little improvement to the "NPC Speech" dialog by addig a button to make my met perform an emote, without loosing may target.

See the following iamge with the fox' icon on the right.

Ad this is the code added in /totalRP2/totalRP2_UI_Interface.xml file :

--------------- ajout 1018 bouton perso pour emote pet
<Button name="TRP2_NPCAnimFramePet">
<Size x="20" y="20"/>
<Anchors><Anchor point="RIGHT" relativeto="TRP2_NPCAnimFrameScrollNomSaisie" relativepoint="LEFT" x="125" y="0"/></Anchors>
<NormalTexture file="Interface\ICONS\Ability_Hunter_Aspectofthefox"/>
<HighlightTexture alphaMode="ADD" file="Interface\BUTTONS\IconBorder-GlowRing"/>
                       local nomPet = UnitName("pet");
                       if (nomPet) then

The tooltips are desactivated because I didn't want to modify lots of file for the corresponding translation.

This code works and this button can be helpful to hunters.
Use this code if you want to in a future update.



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