Mage 'Arcane languages' not working with TRP2

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Mage 'Arcane languages' not working with TRP2 Empty Mage 'Arcane languages' not working with TRP2

Post  Eleanôrargentdawn on Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:06 pm

I am sorry if I have missed something or perhaps I am not doing something correctly, but when I use the minor mage glyph that allows mages to use all the languages of their faction TRP2 seems to block them. I click on the dialects button and it adds them all (with a crown beside them) but then when I click the language I would like to use either from the TRP2 dialects menu or the chat panel language menu... I still speak in common, this also often makes the language also be spoken without a translation too, meaning I can't understand what I have written and neither can anybody else.


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