Wanting to use a UI Compilation

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Wanting to use a UI Compilation Empty Wanting to use a UI Compilation

Post  Linthirri on Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:51 pm

I wanted to download a UI set up, but I use TrP2, it's incredibly important as I am an avid RPer, my only issue is having to re add the information stored in my TrP2 (Character name, title, history, background, states, etc)

Is there any way to copy it all over without losing it all?

I have 13 characters..and it would be so tedious trying to restore / remember all of their information.


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Wanting to use a UI Compilation Empty Re: Wanting to use a UI Compilation

Post  Ellypse on Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:27 pm

Hi Very Happy 

All your Total RP 2's information are save in the SavedVariables folder located at WTF/YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME/SavedVariables. You can copy all the files with a name starting with totalRP2 and ending with the .lua extension (the .bak files are a backup of the previous version, automatically created each time you launch the game).

You can safely copy them to an other place (I actually encourage everyone to copy those files to some cloud storage every once in while as a backup system), and copy them again in the WTF folder provided by your UI compilation.

Thank you for using Total RP 2  Very Happy 

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