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Total RP 2 version 1.027 FINAL Empty Total RP 2 version 1.027 FINAL

Post  Ellypse on Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:35 pm

Total RP 2 version 1.027 FINAL (June 23 2014)
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Hello everyone

Total RP 2 version 1.027 is now available on It fixes several bugs related to the language system. THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION ! No more update ! Telkostrasz and I have been working hard (Telkostrasz much harder than me actually Razz ) on Total RP 3. The private alpha test phase will start in a few days with a handful of alpha testers. We chose them to get intense, productive feedbacks so we can fix things quickly and deliver an open alpha test to everyone willing to test the new features.

Change log wrote:
- Fixed a typo where OOC (Out Of Character) was written OCC.
- I’ve done more changes to the language system. Hopefully it should now work has intended ! I’ve fixed the issue where messages were sent in common/orcish even when an other language is selected and I've fixed an issue where you couldn't send a message using the opposite faction default language.
- Fixed an issue preventing from deleting unseen characters profiles from Total RP 2. (My thanks to Adaeria for reporting this issue  I love you )

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