Will TRP3 still using Marry Sue Protocol?

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Will TRP3 still using Marry Sue Protocol? Empty Will TRP3 still using Marry Sue Protocol?

Post  611 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:18 am

What about the compatible with GHI?
got any plan on that yet?


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Will TRP3 still using Marry Sue Protocol? Empty Re: Will TRP3 still using Marry Sue Protocol?

Post  Ellypse on Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:04 am

Total RP 3 will use the Mary Sue Protocol to keep its compatibility with other profiling addons like MyRoleplay or FlagRSP.

We are not planing on making Total RP compatible with GHI. The Mary Sue Protocol cannot support that, it's only meant for character's profiles. And as for the Mary Sue Protocol, each addon has its own format for storing data and require some work for each addon to reformat its data to be sent via MSP, loosing some features specific to each addon (for example, auras or mounts descriptions are not sent via MSP). GHI has its own, completely different way of handling item creation. It has features that Total RP doesn't have and misses features Total RP has. This means making the two addons compatible is nearly impossible. It would require a lot of work on both ends to convert an item formatted for one addon to the format of the other, leaving some of the addons' specific features behind.

As Telkostrasz is the lead developer for Total RP 3, if you have more question I encourage you to post on Total RP 3's forum http://forums.telkostrasz.be so he can reply to you with maybe more details.

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