Introduction - Where did this come from?

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Introduction - Where did this come from? Empty Introduction - Where did this come from?

Post  Lixxel on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:01 am

Hi, my name is Lixxel and I'm from Twisting Nether (RP-PVP). My favorite beverages are Kaja'Cola and Coconut Rum and I enjoy fuzzy things and the passenger seat of a Mechano-Hog.

I am glad to see I wasn't the only one disappointed when Telkostrasz announced the end of Total RP 2 official support. Being a Computer Science undergrad that loves to program, I thought I could take a shot at the code and maybe fix those bugs that Mists of Pandaria brought to our beloved addon.

Total RP 2 is a finely developed and organized piece of work, but the comments and variable names are in French and alas, I don't speak French. Though after some time with Google translate and my trusty /reload, I was able to truly appreciate the work put into Total RP 2 and added my own part.

Once I sufficiently annoyed my realm-mates with language testing, I thought it was time to share the fixes with them. So I hopped right on over to Curse and created a new project, just as the license said. First two attempts at the upload were denied, so when the third showed up as having been deleted, I nearly table-flipped. But there was another message. My new project was deleted and I was added to the original Total RP 2 page by a Curse moderator.

First thought: "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Second thought: "I need more testing."

The love and support you guys have for this addon only matches mine, and I am so happy to be even a minor part of it.


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